the stolen princes

One day our teacher announced that we were making potato people. We had a box of very old and wrinkly potatoes with long roots coming out of it and they looked disgusting and scary. We got the idea to use potatoes to make our class movie. Ms Toland was going to teach us how to use stop motion and so this was the beginning  of our movie.

We had to pick one of the potatoes and I picked out a short but wide potato and at first I made a stick monster using just about all of the classes toothpicks!!!! I decided to adapt it a little while later by giving it long legs and taking some of the toothpicks out. After a few weeks it turned into a MOLDY MONSTER from all the holes made by the tooth picks.

In one lesson with Ms Toland, she told us about the four main people who make a movie. They are the Director, the camera man, scene manager and the editor. I liked being the camera man because it was the easiest job. You just have to press the button on the iPad.

I  was in the group that designed the outside of the castle. This is how the story goes: The princess is going to have her 18th birthday but the aliens abduct her. Then our heroes chase after the bad guys and they follow them to the evil layer where they take the princess back to her party.

It was fun making the potatoes and the movie. I wonder what it will look like on the ‘big’ screen.

Playing basketball

On Monday we were playing basketball as we have for the past two weeks.

The first day we were practicing passing shots and they were: chest pass,over head and bounce pass.

On the second Monday  we were practicing dribbling and then we played the first game which was like hot potato but… there was a border and it was called the river and if you were out you had to get in the river. Now I have to tell you about the bomb/nuke( the “nuke ”  was actually a basketball) if it went on the ground the nearest person was out and had to get into the river but if you caught it you were safe and you have 3 seconds to throw it back.

Next game we were split into different teams and have to goal as many goals but we have to goal at our goal and we can’t go on the other side.

The third game was called golden child and we were split into different teams again. The first team had to score a goal and the other team had to go around the squares  while dribbling  and the that team’s goal was to to stop and when the last person had a turn they have can make the people who stop.

The next game was bulldog. The bulldog game was a game where you run to the other side of the court. If you are caught you join the bulldog’s team but you need to dribble to the other side all the time and if the bull gets your ball holding you join their team.We had great fun learning new skills.


Swimming Lessons

On the second to last Monday of last term, we started swimming lessons at CLM pool. We went into our swimming togs and  started swimming straight away when we got there. That first day I forgot my goggles so when I went under water I could not see anything. Also the coach gave us a board.  We had to hold on to it and kick our legs until we got to the other side.  On the Tuesday I remembered my goggles and so I could look under  the water.

I learned many new swimming skills and even more I was more confident in the water. On the last day we had fun playing on the boat and falling off and swimming to the side. I hope we can swim again next year.


ki o rahi

Four days ago our teacher told us that someone was coming and the person was female and her name was coach Chelsea. She told the story of Rahi and Tiara (here’s the video The Legend Of Rahi – YouTube) and after that we went outside. We played a tagging game. This is how the game went – first there have to be two different teams and when the coach says one of the team’s names, then they have to run to the other side and the other team has to chase them.

We could not set up the Ki o rahi equipment today because it was raining. Hopefully next Thursday we will be able to learn our new game.

Ion making a tree hut

Last term our teacher had a marvelous idea for Room 6. The idea was to make a tree hut. First, we had to bring recycled materials from home.  My mom gave me small amounts of recycled materials like ice cream containers, cardboard and an egg tray. The teacher said, “If you do not have enough stuff that you need for your project, you have to come with me”.

We went to the school’s recycling bin and found some more cardboard boxes.

I started cutting the cardboard into the size that I desired for my project. Then I made the base using three very thick wooden off cuts which were heavy so my tree wouldn’t collapse or get blown over in the wind. After that I got a small piece of cardboard. Then I got this thing. I can’t explain it but it felt soft and easy to rip and it was white, like a polystyrene sheet. Then I got a brilliant idea to make a slide. so I got an unreasonably long cardboard pole. Then I cut it in half then glued it to my platform.

I got my ice cream container and a piece of cardboard which I folded in half. I glued them together and this became my swing. I found some black string which I glued on the sides to finish the swing and then I attached it to my hut.

I ended up painting my tree hut mostly blue. I also used a dark pink for the wooden off cuts. In the end my tree hut was successful when I tested it for wind resistance in front of the class fan and also for weight when I put four scissors inside. We all went outside and Mrs Yumul poured water over our huts to see if they were water tight. Mine was successful again.

I enjoyed designing and building my tree hut. It was fun.