the stolen princes

One day our teacher announced that we were making potato people. We had a box of very old and wrinkly potatoes with long roots coming out of it and they looked disgusting and scary. We got the idea to use potatoes to make our class movie. Ms Toland was going to teach us how to use stop motion and so this was the beginning  of our movie.

We had to pick one of the potatoes and I picked out a short but wide potato and at first I made a stick monster using just about all of the classes toothpicks!!!! I decided to adapt it a little while later by giving it long legs and taking some of the toothpicks out. After a few weeks it turned into a MOLDY MONSTER from all the holes made by the tooth picks.

In one lesson with Ms Toland, she told us about the four main people who make a movie. They are the Director, the camera man, scene manager and the editor. I liked being the camera man because it was the easiest job. You just have to press the button on the iPad.

I  was in the group that designed the outside of the castle. This is how the story goes: The princess is going to have her 18th birthday but the aliens abduct her. Then our heroes chase after the bad guys and they follow them to the evil layer where they take the princess back to her party.

It was fun making the potatoes and the movie. I wonder what it will look like on the ‘big’ screen.

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